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What are the Differences Between Full Mouth Dental Implants and All on 4 Dental Implants Techniques? in Antalya Dental Center-Clinic / Turkey

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Full Mouth Dental Implant or All On Four Implants?

  • For the all-on-four approach, four dental implants are adequate for the prosthesis.

  • Eight dental implants are utilised separately for the patient's upper and lower jaws in a traditional implant.

  • In other traditional implant systems, the top jaw has eight implants, whereas the lower jaw has eight. The prosthesis's weight is dispersed less widely among the several screwed dental implants supporting the chin prosthesis. This weight is supported by four teeth in the All-On-Four technique. The all-on-four implant weighs more than the traditional implant as a result.

  • With the all-on-four implant procedure, the cost of treatment is minimal. The course of treatment is finished quickly. Patients can obtain their desired smile transformation and receive high-quality dental care without breaking the bank thanks to Turkey's low dental implant cost.

  • The cost and duration of full mouth implant treatment are higher than those of all-on-four implant treatment.

  • The all-on-four method does not require bone grafting.

  • When a patient receiving a full mouth implant needs a bone graft for jaw rehabilitation, this sophisticated surgical technique ought to be carried out.

  • Implants and temporary dental prostheses are implanted during the same appointment in All on Four.

  • With traditional implants, a permanent prosthesis is placed first, and then a temporary prosthesis is placed. Before receiving their permanent artificial teeth, patients can have functioning teeth while their wounds heal thanks to this interim prosthesis. The final restoration's dental implant type, the patient's unique needs, and the implant placement can all influence the choice of interim prosthesis.

  • The patient may experience periods of toothlessness during the whole mouth implant treatment, even if they are not toothless at any point during the All on Four procedure. These transitory periods of tooth loss are carefully controlled by the dental staff to guarantee the patient's comfort and confidence throughout the implant surgery.

  • Destruction may result from gingival edoema brought on by negligence or any other natural process. The tissues around an implanted tooth or screwed tooth may sustain damage and eventually fall out if the gum disease worsens. In the All-on-four procedure, the loss of a single dental implant also results in the loss of the entire jaw prosthesis. It is necessary to repeat the treatment. In certain instances, if the injury reaches the tooth's nerve, an orthodontic root-canal operation might be required to save the impacted tooth and stop more issues.

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