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How is All on Six Implants Surgery Performed in Turkey? in Antalya Dental Center-Clinic / Turkey

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All on six dental implants surgery procedure

How is All on Six Implants Surgery Performed in Turkey?

A fixed prosthesis supported by six dental implants can replace a complete arch of missing teeth using the All on 6 full-arch restoration technique. A sturdy and functioning set of teeth that closely resemble real teeth are produced by this treatment method. Here is how All on 6 dental implants function and how the process is carried out:

  1. Evaluation and Treatment Planning

Prior to the procedure, Your dental expert with expertise in implant dentistry will do a thorough evaluation of you. To evaluate the health of your teeth, gums, and jawbone, a comprehensive examination, X-rays, and potentially a CT scan are part of this process. Your dentist will evaluate your candidacy for All on 6 implants and develop a customized treatment plan.

  1. Preparatory Procedures

Your dentist will extract any natural teeth you still have if necessary as the first stage in the preparation process. To promote a healthy oral environment for the implants, they may also take care of any current oral health issues including infections or gum disease.

  1. Implant placement

To ensure your comfort throughout the treatment, you will be given anaesthetic on the day of the operation. Six dental implants will then be carefully positioned into the jawbone by the dentist. The implants, which act as anchors for the fixed prosthesis, are commonly constructed of biocompatible titanium and implanted into the bone.

  1. Temporary Prosthesis

Following the implantation of the implants, a temporary prosthesis is affixed to the implants (commonly referred to as a provisional denture or temporary bridge). Having teeth that are functional during the healing process and implant fusion with the jawbone is made possible by this temporary prosthesis.

  1. Osseointegration

The dental implants go through a process called osseointegration over the course of several months, during which they bond with the surrounding bone. The final prosthesis has a solid and long-lasting basis thanks to this integration.

  1. Final Prosthesis Placement

A specially created, permanent prosthesis is used to replace the temporary one once the implants have fully integrated. This prosthesis produces an aesthetically beautiful and useful result since it is made to mimic the size, shape, and color of real teeth.

Six implants are deliberately positioned in the jawbone as part of the All on 6 method, with two implants inserted near the front of the mouth and four implants toward the back. In cases of significant jawbone loss, this distribution maximizes the prosthesis's support and stability and lessens the need for subsequent bone grafting surgeries.

A qualified oral surgeon or implant dentist with experience in implant dentistry often performs the All on 6 dental implant surgery. Depending on the needs of each patient and the dentist's preferred methods, the procedure's specifics may change.

The All on 6 technique is a significant dental treatment that involves meticulous planning, surgical skill, and appropriate post-operative care to produce the best outcomes possible. As a result, it's essential to seek the advice of a trained dentist who specializes in implant dentistry to ascertain whether All on 6 dental implants are the best option for your individual dental needs.

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