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What are the Advantages & Disadvantages of All on Six (6) Dental Implants? in Antalya Dental Center-Clinic / Turkey

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all on 6 dental implants

What are the advantages of all on six dental implants?

  • The patient will have teeth that are trouble-free for a very long time.
  • Anyone in excellent general health is eligible to receive this treatment, and there is no age restriction.
  • The use of implants prevents potential future jawbone loss because they are used to replace lost teeth. Incorporating dental implants into the jawbone promotes bone formation and offers stability for the prosthetic teeth, guaranteeing a solid base and halting additional bone loss over time. A prosthodontist is a dentist who specialises in the restoration and extraction of teeth. Consulting with them can help to ensure that the dental implants are properly evaluated, that treatment plans are made, and that they are maintained throughout time.
  • The patient will save a great deal of time because the implant is placed on temporary prosthesis on the same day as dental treatment, saving them from having to visit the clinic multiple times. For those in need of maxillofacial reconstruction, this streamlined procedure is very helpful as it reduces the number of required visits while maintaining effective and efficient treatment results.
  • Treatments for all-on-six implants are finished faster than those for whole mouth implants. After receiving treatment for all-on-six, patients go home with their natural teeth while temporary prosthesis are installed during the implant procedure. In contrast to full mouth implant procedures, there is no period of tooth loss, so patients can eat and chew food without discomfort while undergoing treatment.
  • Those who wear removable prostheses experience vomiting and the subsequent vomiting reaction; those who wear all-on six do not experience this.
  • Patients do not encounter the issues that come with complete dentures that are supported by implants. Issues like falling out of place and generating noise are not seen by this approach. They do not have issues like the inability to laugh in comfort or the need to continually place their hands in front of their mouths to block their mouths, which are encountered by people who wear detachable prosthesis. Eating, talking, and laughing are all comfortable for the patient receiving all-on-six treatment.
  • Even those with melting issues in their jawbones can apply it with ease.
  • It will be observed that the all-on-six implant procedure is more cost-effective than the full-mouth implant procedure.
  • The patient can bite and chew more forcefully with the prosthesis since they are supported by the implants in the upper and lower jaws.
  • Because it resembles the original tooth in terms of appearance and attributes, the patient does not experience a loss of confidence. Additionally, it raises the patient's standard of living.
  • Teeth are created based on the patient's preferences and oral anatomy. The appearance of the computer-designed teeth on the patient's face is displayed. The course of treatment is initiated upon obtaining the patient's consent. Patient pleasure is guaranteed in this method.
  • Because the teeth that were implanted as a consequence of the therapy are nearly identical to natural teeth, the patient does not have some issues, like the inability to remove certain letters when speaking. As a result, the patient feels more confident.
  • It is less expensive and requires less recovery time than full jaw implants.
  • After their first day of treatment, patients who have lost all of their teeth will be more optimistic about life since they will have their teeth back. Their motivation and level of enjoyment will rise.

What are the disadvantages of all on six dental implants?

  • Patients who receive complete mouth implant treatment have thicker and heavier implant bridges than those who receive all six treatment modalities combined. As a result, there are variations in the jaw's biting force. When dental bridges are utilised in whole mouth implant procedures, they give the replacement teeth more stability and support, enabling patients to confidently bite and chew a variety of meals without experiencing any pain or restriction.
  • The all-on-six treatment has a lower bite and chewing force than full mouth implants.
  • Implant loss is probable with the All on 6 treatment approach since the implants in the jaw are linked to temporary prostheses. To reduce the risk of implant issues, patients must practise good oral hygiene, refrain from biting into tough or sticky foods, and see their dentist on a regular basis. Furthermore, if orthodontic treatment is required, working with an orthodontist to correct any misalignment or bite problems with braces can assist guarantee the stability and long-term effectiveness of the prosthesis supported by implants.
  • If the required care is not performed, implant loss may occur as oral and dental hygiene become increasingly important following this treatment approach.
  • It is evident that the implants wobble and do not integrate with the jawbone, despite the fact that this is not particularly common.
  • The entire jaw prosthesis will be negatively impacted if one of the implants is lost. Thus, when a circumstance like this arises, the therapy needs to begin at the beginning.

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