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What are the Differences Between All on Six & Standart Tooth Implant in Antalya Dental Center-Clinic / Turkey

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All on Six dental implant procedures are intended for individuals who do not want to receive dental implant.

  • The full mouth implant procedure places eight implants in the mouth, whereas the all-on-six technique places six implants in the jaw. Patients who receive full mouth implant treatment will benefit from stronger biting and chewing muscles as a result. Furthermore, the extra implants provide a more sturdy and secure base, which enhances the longevity and long-term success of the dental restorations affixed to each abutment.
  • The outcome of the procedure is directly impacted by a number of critical elements, including the experience of the doctor performing the all-on-six procedure, their advanced medical training, and the placement of the implants at the proper angle.
  • If everything proceeds according to schedule, the process for standart implants takes 6 to 8 months to complete. With this course of treatment, the patient will attend a large number of sessions and go without teeth for a period before having a prosthesis placed. But by taking a thorough approach, the dental staff can deal with any underlying problems, such decay, and provide a solid basis for the finished prosthetic replacement. This restorative procedure improves the patient's overall oral health and functionality in addition to improving the looks of their smile.
  • With the recuperation phase included, all on six treatment approaches take three to four months. Thus, additional sessions are not required to finish the treatment. On the same day that the implants are inserted into the jaw, temporary prosthesis are also inserted. Because of this, the patient doesn't experience tooth loss at any point over the course of treatment. Throughout the implant treatment process, the patient can keep their smile functional and aesthetically pleasing by using this temporary prosthesis as a placeholder to fill in the space left by the lost tooth. This effective procedure makes dental restorations go more smoothly and quickly while reducing the chance of tooth deterioration.
  • The cost of all-on-six dental implant teeth is lower than that of standart dental implants.

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