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Invisalign-Transparent Plaque; Before and After Treatment, Advantages, Cost in Antalya Dental Clinic/Center - Turkey

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Clear Aligner-Invisalign-Orthero

Invisalign treatment, also known as clear aligner, or transparent appliance, has emerged as an indispensable method of orthodontic treatments in recent years. Invisaligns, available in the market with various names according to manufacturing companies, have an important place in the procedure of wireless orthodontic treatment.

When we examine the word aligner, it has meanings such as alignment and ordering. Invisible Aligner are also used to fulfill this task. People with crooked teeth, those with jaw closure problems, and those with gaps between their teeth can opt for clear aligner treatment, leaving aside the aesthetic concerns of the braces.


Invisaligns are materials specially prepared for patients of all ages. The material used in producing these plaques is compatible with the human body. For this reason, it does not cause allergic reactions in the gums or mouth during use. These plates, which are suitable for patients to put on and take off alone, also offer significant advantages to patients at the point of eating.

What is Invisalign (Clear Braces)?

Clear aligner is a material used instead of braces in orthodontic treatment to improve the appearance of teeth. It is also called invisible braces due to its transparent structure. Over time, the brands used in plaque treatment have become the name of this treatment, and the expression invisalign appears as another name for clear aligner treatment. Wireless orthodontic treatment; It is frequently preferred recently in teeth with irregular alignment, crooked teeth, and crooked teeth. Unlike braces, no material is visible on the teeth in clear aligners. For this reason, you can feel more aesthetically comfortable during the treatment.

Transparent aligner treatment is an orthodontic treatment performed with transparent aligners specially prepared by means of three-dimensional digital printers. Metal or porcelain wires are not used in this treatment. Invisaligns, frequently preferred in young people and children, correct teeth in a shorter time than wire treatment. However, braces may be a better option if there are severely damaged teeth.

Who is the Invisalign Applied?

Invisalign treatment is a treatment method applied in the field of orthodontics. This treatment can be applied to anyone with appropriate qualifications without any upper or lower age limit. People who will be treated with Invisalign should have the following characteristics:

  • Those with crooked teeth
  • Those with gaps between their teeth
  • Those who have problems with jaw closure
  • Those who have smaller jaws according to their tooth structure
  • Those who have aesthetic problems with tooth alignment
  • People who have completed bone development
  • Those whose dental support tissue is suitable for treatment

How is clear aligner treatment applied in Antalya?

The first step is for the patient to visit the clinic for clear aligner treatment. The dentist examines the patient in general. If the patient is suitable for Invisalign treatment, necessary studies begin. However, if it is decided that the patient is not suitable for clear aligner treatment during the examination, alternative treatment options are offered to the patient.

After the dentist approves the plaque treatment, the patient's mouth and teeth are measured. Digital printers are used to take these measurements. If the patient has decayed teeth or other dental problems before starting the clear aligner treatment, these teeth are treated before the plaques are placed.

After the tooth measurement, the teeth change over time and are shown in the computer environment. Plaques are prepared when the patient and the dentist approve of the post-treatment appearance of the teeth.

The prepared plates are placed in the patient's mouth. These clear plates are replaced every two weeks. After each change, it is seen that there is improvement in the teeth.

What are the Advantages of Invisalign Treatment?

Invisalign treatment is a modern method used in dental aesthetics. This method has created a great comfort zone for patients. Now let's examine the advantages of Invisalign (Invisalign) treatment:

  • Invisible Aligner are invisible because they are transparent. The patient can be comfortable talking and laughing thanks to these plaques, which are not visible from the outside.
  • Transparent aligners do not cause pain and pain like braces. The pain felt in the first few hours is very low compared to the pain in the braces.
  • Teeth cleaning is a little difficult due to the brackets on patients' teeth using braces. However, after the Invisaligns are removed, the teeth are easily cleaned as the food is eaten.
  • Unlike braces, aligners are also very practical to clean themselves. Cleaning done by holding it under warm water and brushing provides excellent convenience to the patients.
  • Since there are no metal parts in the mouth, as in metal wires, in the treatment of Invisalign, no wounds occur in the mouth and lips.
  • It takes a shorter time for the teeth to take their proper shape than wire treatment.
  • Invisible Aligner can be removed by the patient for a short time on special days, as they are convenient for patients to put on and take off. Removing these wires and brackets in wire treatment is a procedure that the dentist can do.
  • Since clear aligners are replaced every two weeks, it's nothing to worry about if the platters turn yellow.
  • The greatest comfort of transparent records is about food. Regardless of hard or soft, the patient can consume whatever they want. No wire broken or bracket dropped problems.
  • According to the wire treatment, Invisaligns do not cause problems with teeth and gums.
  • Invisalign treatment can be applied to children, young and old people.

How Many Months Does Invisalign Treatment Take?

The expiration time of the wireless orthodontic (Invisalign) treatment may vary depending on the patient's existing dental disorder. Generally, orthodontic treatments are carried out over a period of 1 year to one and a half years. Depending on the easy shape of the teeth, this period may vary as early or late for six months.

What are the Disadvantages of Clear aligner Treatment?

Every treatment has advantages as well as disadvantages. We can take a look at the disadvantages of clear aligner treatment as follows:

  • The most difficult part of this treatment for the patient is inserting and removing the plates. Patients who do not have self-control do not like the plug-in event that takes place before and after meals after a while. However, it is important for the health of the treatment to place the plaques cleanly after consuming something.
  • While the development of braces treatment depends on the orthodontist, it depends on the patient's order in the clear plate.
  • Contrary to popular belief, this treatment is not applied to everyone. Patients with smaller teeth are not suitable for this treatment.

What are the Preferred Brands for Invisalign Treatment?

Some patients have been distant from the treatments in this area due to the wires used in orthodontic treatment. With transparent aligners in orthodontics, these patients also took a sigh of relief and started treatment. Many companies prepare the environment for Invisalign treatment. Before these plates were prepared in our country, the measurements taken from the patient were sent abroad. However, when there are developments in this field in our country, the supply part that allows the treatment to be done has been taken care of.

One of the successful and used brands in Turkey is the Orthero brand. In addition, there are brands such as Clearfix, Orthoaligner, Invisalign, and Transparent Appliance. They all have the same purpose. While the clear plate meets the Turkish name of this system, the name Invisalign is also used as a general concept in this treatment. In other words, the treatment's brand and name are integrated. The principle of creating all brands is the same. All of them are produced to ensure the alignment of the teeth.

Is There Pain in Invisalign Treatment?

Invisalign treatment is a less painful treatment than braces treatment. In this method, a small amount of pressure may occur on the teeth when the plates are first installed. The pain caused by pressure is not felt after a few hours. There is no pain that patients fear.

Is clear aligner treatment suitable for children?

Invisalign treatment is also applied to children. However, all of the child's milk teeth must have fallen out. It is also essential that at least the second molars have erupted. This situation corresponds to approximately 12 years of age in children. There is no general harm in applying clear aligner treatment to patients in other age groups, starting with children aged 12-14.

How to Insert and Remove Clear Braces? What Should We Pay Attention to in Plug-In Actions?

In the treatment of Invisalign, the plaques must remain attached to the teeth for at least 17 hours. However, in some cases, these plaques need to be removed. Now let's look at what should be considered in the insertion and removal of plaques used in Invisalign treatment:

  • Make sure that your hands are clean before inserting and removing the Invisible Aligner.
  • Rinse your transparent records after removing them from their bags.
  • Do not try to load or wash both plates at the same time.
  • Make sure the plates you place on your teeth belong to which jaw. The plates of the lower and upper jaw will be different from each other.
  • When putting on the transparent plate, push it towards your front teeth, then press it until the plate is placed on the teeth, applying the same force on the right and left molars.
  • If you feel severe pain while placing the plates, discuss the situation with your dentist.
  • You start with the molars when removing the Invisalign plates you wear, starting with the front teeth. Remove your Invisalign from your right or left molar with your fingertips towards the other molar.
  • Do not try different methods while inserting and removing the transparent aligners. Use as recommended by your dentist.
  • Do not apply more force than necessary when inserting or removing the Invisible Aligner. Bending and warping may occur in plates that encounter a disproportionate force. Please pay attention to this situation so that the Invisible Aligner does not lose functionality.
  • When trying to remove your transparent aligners, do not use sharp, piercing objects that will damage the platters.
  • After removing the Invisible Aligner, rinse them and ensure no water is left in them. Keep the removed plates in the special protective box for the plates.
  • If you are having trouble inserting and removing the clear aligner, inform your dentist about the problem you are experiencing. As a rare situation, if the Invisible Aligner have caused allergies in your gums, contact your dentist directly without waiting too long.


Invisalign Costs, How Much Are Invisalign Prices in Turkey Antalya?

Invisalign treatment, developed as an alternative to braces, is a method orthodontists have preferred in recent years. One of the best aspects of this method is that the patient feels less pain compared to wire therapy. In addition, in the treatment of Invisalign, the patient has the opportunity to eat what he wants.

Invisalign prices are more economical than braces prices. However, Invisalign prices vary for children and adults. However, prices may differ depending on the quality of the plate used and the clinic where the treatment is performed.

If you want Invisalign treatment, call our free consultation line for Invisalign prices and more.

Is Braces or Plaque More Effective?

An orthodontist should first examine patients who need braces treatment or clear aligner treatment. At the end of the examination, the orthodontist indicates which will be better for the patient. However, in some cases, the patient has the right to choose.

Patients uncomfortable with the braces' appearance aesthetically prefer clear aligners. Here, the patient must take responsibility. If the patient does not wear the plates regularly or if it is difficult to remove them before eating and put them after a meal, the desired result may not be obtained from the treatment. Patients who fulfill the treatment conditions can complete their treatment painlessly.

In braces treatment, the patient should brush their teeth regularly and go for checkups. All other responsibilities rest with the dentist.

Apart from these, if the clear aligner is insufficient to correct the patient's teeth, the dentist will not approve the clear aligner treatment anyway.

Can Teeth Move With Invisalign Without Braces?

Teeth can move quickly with Invisaligns. In some cases, results are obtained in a shorter time than braces. Thanks to the Invisaligns, both teeth are in order, and the patients have a more comfortable treatment process.

What Happens If We Forget To Put On Invisible Aligner?

In the clear aligner treatment, which is more comfortable than the wire treatment, the duration of the plaques in the mouth is 22 hours. In general, it is important that the plaques are attached to the teeth, except for eating and drinking, and dental care. If the plates are used regularly, the change in the teeth will be easier. Invisible Aligner do not create a feeling of pain and pain when inserted. At the same time, its presence in the patient's mouth is not apparent. However, if the patient forgets to wear it, the desired result cannot be obtained from the treatment.

How Long Is It Required to Wear Dental Plaques in Invisalign Treatment?

Invisaligns should be worn on your teeth for 20 – 22 hours daily. Please do not take it out of your mouth except for eating and brushing your teeth. You can remove these records, which are not noticed from the outside, for 2-3 hours only in special meetings and events that will be important to you, such as weddings.

How often should a check-up be done during the clear aligner treatment?

 In orthodontic treatments, patients come for a check-up once a month or every two months. However, different treatment schedules can be created for patients from outside the province or abroad. Since the planning is done at the beginning of the treatment of clear aligners, it is predetermined how many different aligners the patient will use. The patient is given a 15-day change period according to the determined number of plaques. The patient's plate is renewed every fifteen days. For those who are far away and have this treatment, the usage time of the plates can be increased a little more. However, the patient should use the clear plates regularly during this period. When the patient comes for control, two plates specially prepared for the patient are given to the patient. Until the next control, the patient will have used these plates. Generally speaking, if 30 plaques were produced for the patient, the patient should come for a check-up for 15 months. Changes can be made in appointments with the dentist, depending on the patient's situation.

How to Do Eating and Drinking Activity While Using Invisible Aligner?

Unlike wire treatments, there is no restriction on eating and drinking in clear aligner treatment. The patient can consume the foods he wants as he wishes. In wire treatments, conditions such as breaking wires and brackets exist. In plaque treatment, plaques are removed while eating and drinking are performed. In this case, the Invisible Aligner are not damaged. The patient both receives treatment and experiences the comfort of eating what he wants. The thing that the patient should pay attention to in the treatment of Invisalign is that he should remove the plaques while eating or consuming liquids other than water. When the eating and drinking activity is finished, the teeth should be brushed again, and the plates should be replaced.

Does Wire Treatment or Invisalign Treatment Take Shorter?

The duration of orthodontic treatments may vary according to the patient. This is true for wire treatment as well as for clear plate treatment. However, since the plaques are prepared using computer technology in the treatment of clear aligner, no force is applied to the undesirable area while designing. For this reason, the related tooth moves faster, and the treatment time is shortened. Invisalign treatment can be completed in a shorter time than wire treatment.

Is Preparation Required Before Clear aligner Treatment?

Since clear aligner treatment covers a long time in itself, some procedures may need to be done before proceeding to plaque treatment. We can list them as follows:

  • If the patient has caries in his teeth, necessary treatment should be done for these caries.
  • The tartar formed on the patient's teeth should be cleaned.
  • If the patient's wisdom teeth are still compressing the other teeth, they should be extracted, or the impacted teeth should be removed by surgical operation.
  • Before the clear aligner treatment, oral and dental care should be done well.
  • If there is a need for treatments such as bridges and implants in the patient's mouth, these are also performed after the clear plate treatment.

It is not appropriate to perform other treatments on the teeth during the clear aligner treatment.

How to Care for Invisible Aligner?

Cleaning and storage conditions vary according to the purpose of use of the plates. However, since the Invisible Aligner are changed for two weeks, they can be kept in their box. Warm water and a toothbrush can be used to clean plaques. If Invisible Aligner need to be used for a long time, they can be maintained with special cleaning agents.

Does Cigarette Consumption Make Invisaligns Yellow?

Cigarettes, which change the color of even natural teeth, can also cause the color of Invisaligns. Smokers have more yellowish plaque than a non-smoker. The only thing that will relieve the patients here is that the plates change at regular intervals.


How much do Invisaligns cost in Turkey?

The average invisalign cost in Turkey can vary between €2000 and €4,000.
Invisalign treatment packages may include all-inclusive services including the purchase of aligners, consultations, X-rays, and follow-up appointments in Turkey, where there are several dental clinics and suppliers. The pricing of these packages could vary, so it's important to ask providers directly for specifics on what's covered and how much it will cost overall.

Should I get Invisalign in Turkey?

You should get invisalign treatment in turkry. The cost of Invisalign is less than that of Braces. Prices for Invisalign, however, differ for adults and children. Prices could vary based on the facility providing the therapy and the caliber of the plate used.
Call our free consultation line (+90 544 126 20 21) for more information and Invisalign rates if you're interested in receiving treatment.

Is clear aligners worth it?

Yes it is worth it because invisalign treatment is a contemporary technique in dental aesthetics. They are translucent and invisible. These plaques, which are not visible from the outside, allow the patient to feel comfortable speaking and laughing. Unlike braces, transparent aligners don't hurt as much. When compared to the agony of the braces, the initial few hours of discomfort are incredibly minimal.

Are clear aligners as good as Invisalign?

The orthodontic procedure uses specially made clear aligners that were created using three-dimensional digital printers. This therapy does not involve the use of porcelain or metal wires. Teeth can be corrected faster with invisalign than with wire treatment, which is often favored by young individuals and children. But if there is significant tooth damage, braces can be a better choice.

Is Invisalign available in Turkey?

The cost of Invisalign is less than that of Braces. Prices for Invisalign, however, differ for adults and children. Prices, however, could vary based on the facility providing the therapy and the caliber of the plate used.

What is the best age to get clear aligners?

There is no upper or lower age restriction on who can receive this treatment; individuals with fully developed bones Individuals with dental support tissue that can be treated.

If you have any questions you do not find here, please contact us.